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The children of Cambridge Primary are the very “heartbeat” of the school. Every child is valued and nurtured so that he or she develops into a caring, responsible and respected member of society. This is done in a broad manner, covering academics, sport, cultural and pastoral spheres allowing each child to become a well rounded and balanced citizen.  We are blessed with a highly motivated and caring staff who go beyond the call of duty to ensure that every child has the opportunity to develop his or her given talents.

Cambridge is a vibrant, exciting place of learning where the racial and cultural differences of our pupils add to a rich heritage passed down over many years.

We invite you to browse through the website and enjoy discovering the ethos of our school.        Mrs. M Rothmann / Principal


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  • Queen Street, Cambridge West, East London
  • Phone: 0437268150
  • Email: office@cambridgeprimary.co.za