Foundation Phase Teaching Staff

Mrs. L. de la Cornillere-Schutte Acting Head of Phase

Mrs. L. Barnard HOD

Grade RR

Mrs. T. Esterhuyse

Grade R

Mrs. E. Kent (Grade Head)

Mrs. L. de la Cornillere-Schutte

Mrs. K. Pretorius

Mrs. S. Raw

Mrs. D. Styles

Assisted by Mrs. T. Young and Ms. S. Smith

Grade 1

Mrs. M. Wilson (Grade Head)

Mrs. L. Barnard

Mrs. J. Ferndale

Mrs. R. Volker

Mrs. C. Woods

Assisted by Ms. J. Redgard

Grade 2

Mrs. W. van Schalkwyk (Grade Head)

Ms. J. Bolton

Mrs. K. Flanegan

Mrs. A. Gericke

Mrs. T. Goosen

Assisted by Ms. M. Kruger

Grade 3

Mrs. H. Nel (Grade Head)

Mrs. E. Cloete

Mr. J. Coetzee

Mrs. A. Novukela

Mrs. A. Sweeney

Assisted by Mrs. M. Prince


Ms. N. Zukani

Music and Movement
Ms. T. Lowe


Mrs. A. du Preez


Ms. Z. Fana


Mrs. S. Luen


Mrs. H. Nel


Mrs. L. Lau

Phys Ed coaches

Mr. M. Muller (Head of FP sport)

Mrs. S. Phillips

Mr. O. Mputla