We definitely LOVE children, especially little ones between the ages of 5 and 9 years old.

We love to encourage the children to ‘get READY’ to face the challenges that lie ahead at the Intermediate Phase.  Our values contain all the letters in ‘ready’.  The r stands for respect; the e for encouragement; the for academic excellence; the for determination and the for YOU are special.

We love to see these precious flowers opening and attaining their full beauty and potential – and we do realize that some blossom quicker than others do.

We love to see the learners becoming well-rounded, balanced little beings!  We have a full extra-mural timetable which caters for swimming, cricket (boys and girls), netball, tennis, rugby, soccer, hockey, art, choir, percussion band, chess, drama and ballet.

At the Foundation Phase we have one Grade RR class, five Grade R classes, five Grade One classes, five Grade Two classes and five Grade Three classes.

Our teaching staff consists of twenty-one class teachers; two Music teachers; one full time Remedial teacher; one part-time counselor; one Computer teacher; one Librarian; two Xhosa teachers; three Physical Education coaches and two Art teachers.  We also have five learnerships that assist the class teachers.  We have three Admin staff members who handle the front of house, as well as the finances.  On the maintenance side of the school we employ five Red Alert cleaners, as well as a caretaker.  We also have a ‘Health Hatch’ which is run by two ladies.  The school offers Aftercare facilities for full time working parents.  This is watched over by three ladies.

We enter Academic Olympiads and various competitions to broaden the learner’s horizons and pit their capabilities against learners from other schools, nationally and internationally.  We also have learners who take part in the annual District Reading competition and Grade Three learners who take part in the annual District Spelling Bee competition.  They have acquitted themselves admirably and we shall continue to strive for excellence and work towards achieving our motto “Non Vobis” which means ‘not for ourselves’.