Informal assessment is a daily monitoring of the pupils’ progress using various methods of assessment.

Formal assessments are also carried out and recorded for progression purposes.  The year mark = 75% of the final mark and the end of year examination = 25%

All assessments are recorded on  SASAMS

Personal and emotional challenges often pose barriers to learning. Our compassionate counselor offers confidential support and encouragement to pupils facing such challenges.  She works together with parents and staff where necessary, in order to help these youngsters to cope and indeed rise above their situations.

Our school writes both the Annual National Assessment papers  (ANA) and the Common Task Assessments(CTA)

Grade Seven Book Challenge

We have invited the Grade 7’s to go on great adventures this year, to meet new people and travel the universe by means of an exciting reading challenge. They have been given a list of recommended novels to read and need read 10 of them by the end of August.

Many of the Grade 7’s have excitedly accepted the challenge and the library is humming with Grade 7’s reading and changing books. During the course of this challenge they will also need to write two opinion pieces and post them in the Google Reading Challenge Classroom. The challenge will culminate in a celebratory party for the successful participants.

This year’s challenge is to become smarter and happier through reading good books.


Pupils with specific academic needs are referred to our School Based Support Team (who meet weekly).  Thereafter these pupils may receive remedial assistance from the Remedial teachers during school.  Should it be deemed necessary, a child may be referred for further testing. We value the importance of confidence and self-worth and aim to convince each child that he/she has the ability to improve and do well.

In this department we attempt to assist pupils by diagnostic testing in spelling, reading and Mathematics. The tests are used to assist us in helping pupils with learning problems. The services of professionals are used in assisting pupils with problem beyond our expertise. Pupils are assisted where necessary to enter schools that will assist them more fully with their capabilities.

Small groups of pupils are worked with on a weekly basis during school time.

External Competitions

Cambridge Primary take part in the activities organised by the South African Council for English Education (SACEE). These include Spelling Bee, Fun with words, Reading Aloud, Language Challenge, Public Speaking and General Knowledge. We also take part in:The Inter-schools Birding Quiz organised by the Birding Society.Nanowrima – Novel writing competitionIT club challenges including business plans, investing,  programming these are judged by local businesses. Pupils also attend the Grahamstown Science festival.