Intermediate Phase Library

Reading is a skill which is vitally important in developing vocabulary and increasing knowledge and life experiences.  Learning is difficult enough without still being disadvantaged due to poor reading skills.

At Cambridge great focus is placed on the importance of books. We enjoy visits from various book stores, who kindly donate a generous percentage of their proceeds to our school.  Enormous gratitude is extended to our Governing Body for a generous annual allocation of money which is used to expand not only the book stock of the school library but that of the class libraries too.

Our children are always excited to find the latest additions to our shelves.  We are privileged indeed to be able to engender a love of and excitement for reading.

Our Library is a haven of peace and tranquility for pupils and staff alike.  Comfortable couches, air-conditioners, beautiful décor and fully stocked shelves – what more could a bookworm ask for?

Children have the opportunity of doing research in the Library during the afternoons.  The Library and Computer room work in tandem to assist children wherever possible.

Scholar Patrol 

Our children travel to and from school almost 200 times a year.  Our brave, young scholar patrol students perform a very important and responsible service by controlling the traffic and helping our pupils to safely cross the very busy roads adjoining the school.  These pupils face standing in the rain, wind and heat in crossing your children safely.   Apart from providing a safe crossing to our school, our scholar patrol pupils have proven themselves to be mature and have a sense of responsibilities of a true Cantebridgian – NON VOBIS!

Outdoor education

Outdoor Education has got off to a good start this term. The Grade 5 classes visited the museum and learned about the San Bushmen and the Khoi Khoi. Pupils enjoyed seeing models of these people and were able to see their hunting gear etc. The pupils were given the opportunity to wander around and see other displays of interest. Pupils who have difficulty sitting still in a classroom situation thoroughly enjoy outings. They do not have to sit still and have hands on experiences, Pupils learn without realizing they are actually learning. Teachers also enjoy the time out. Pupils who thrive on academic work also benefit from these outings because they are able to find out other information and so doing broaden their horizons. Pupils also learn more than just book knowledge on outings.   The Grade 6 pupils will be visiting the museum in February and will be learning about food chains.