School Leadership

The Senior Management Team

Schools are implementing radical reforms in order to adapt to a changing world.  Following this trend, we undertook to reform towards a devolution of decision-making powers from the central level to the school level. This reform initiative encompasses the participation of educators, learners, and parents.   In terms of the South African Schools Act of 1996 Cambridge Primary School is led by the SMT – Senior Management Team.  This team of teachers, highly skilled in their particular areas, is the backbone of Cambridge Primary School.  Serving the Cambridge Community are :

  • Mrs Michelle Rothmann – Principal
  • Mr Barry West – Deputy Principal
  • Mrs Lisa de la Cornillere-Schutte – Deputy Principal
  • Mrs Elmarie Kent – Grade RR, R & 1
  • Mrs Lorraine Barnard – Grade 2 & 3
  • Mrs Sandy Flanagan – Grade 4 & 5
  • Mrs Jenni West – Grade 6 & 7

This team of teachers is well supported by two committees that oversee the everyday running of their campus.

Foundation Phase Management Team :

  • Mrs Lisa de la Cornillere-Schutte
  • Mrs Keri Pretorius
  • Mrs Elmarie Kent
  • Mrs Melita Wilson
  • Mrs Kirsty Browne
  • Mr  Morne Muller
  • Ms Tammy Lowe

Intermediate Phase Management Team is:-

  • Mr Barry West
  • Mrs Jenni West
  • Mrs Sandy Flanagan
  • Mr Dominico Bushby
  • Mrs Natascha Tessendorf
  • Mrs Kelly Posthumus
  • Mrs Dayne Lutge
  • Mrs Cherie-Ann Diericks
  • Mr Drake
  • Mrs Vosloo

The School governing body
The SGB of Cambridge Primary consists of 11 members. 1 Principal, 6 parents bodies, 3 educators,  and 1 non educator of the school.

Mr. Peter Garikayi is the chairperson of the governing body.

The duties of the SGB’s are as follows:

Determining school policy, managing finance, assisting with legal matters, dealing with pupil welfare and discipline, supervising staff matters including appointing of new staff members, property management, and development, overseeing special projects, drawing up a development plan for the school and ensuring efficient school administration.