Senior Phase

Grade seven is the first year of the Senior Phase which links this grade with grades eight and nine at high schools.  The Senior phase thus extends from grade seven to grade nine.  The use of subject teaching takes place, in that learners get a more high school based teaching experience of having different teachers for different subjects.  There are 5 classes of mixed ability with an even spread of boys and girls in each class. The average teacher to learner ratio is 31:1.

Teachers in charge of the subjects in Grade 7 are:

  • Mr West – Social Sciences
  • Mrs Nebbe – English (as the language of learning and teaching)
  • Ms Shone – Afrikaans & Life Orientation
  • Miss Mnguni – Natural Sciences & EMS
  • Mrs Vosloo – Mathematics
  • Mrs Human – Arts & Culture
  • Technology – Mr Cronje

This year sees the start of a whole new curriculum for Grade 7.  We enter the world of CAPS (Continuous Assessment Policy Statement). The contents in each subject is stimulating, interesting and more relevant than in the past. Teachers as well as the pupils are learning together as we unpack this new content.  Our first outing this year will be early in February as we take our Prefect Body on a training weekend to Forest Way in Stutterheim. At this camp, leadership training is done, team building activities are carried out and new friendships are made.  We all look forward to a great year together.  Barry West (Head of Grade Seven and the Senior Phase)