IT / Computers

As schools have grown and changed to stay relevant in the 21st century, technology has had to keep pace. Where even 10 years ago, technology played a fairly minor part in the school day, it is now present in every classroom, every assembly and is used for all administrative work.

At Cambridge Primary, we maintain a excellent ICT infrastructure and, with more than 1100 learners and almost 100 staff members, our systems are put under a considerable amount of pressure to perform.  Mr. Nico Posthumus (Head of ICT) and his coworker Mr. Daniel Human are always on the move to improve the school’s ICT infrastructure, whether its providing IT support or installing new equipment where required.

We run a total of 17 servers which deal with all aspects of ICT including learner management, anti-virus management, security, file storage, email, internet & wireless access and many more.  Our servers run 24/7 which are protected against power surges and can last up to 12 hours on battery power should there be an outage in the area.

In addition, we have several ICT focused programmes for learners including:

IT Club – Learners find out about IT, computers and how to fix them as well as a bit of graphic designing.

AV Club – Learners find out about audio/visual topics.  This includes helping out with the sound system back stage and getting things ready for assemblies as well as presentations and lighting.

Computer Monitors – Learners are put in a responsible position and provide assistance to students and staff in our Computer Labs both during and after school.