Cambridge Primary has a really long and rich history dating back to 1879 when it was originally established to serve the population of the area known as the German Village.  The school gradually grew into what was called (because of enrolment) a First Class Public school.  In 1904 the first school building was officially opened (our current Foundation Phase building – which has been declared as a Heritage site) In 1927 the development of our Intermediate Phase School began.

Cambridge Primary School is a co-educational school situated in the suburb of Cambridge, in East London and has an enrolment of  1178 pupils  from Grade RR to Grade 7.The Foundation Phase campus accommodates pupils from Gr RR to Grade 3 and  The Intermediate Phase campus Grade 4 to Grade 7.

  • We provide our pupils with a quality and meaningful education through a supportive environment and to remain sensitive to the needs and capabilities of each pupil
  • We aim to develop our pupils  academically, culturally, physically,  emotionally and spiritually.
  • We care for each unique and precious child and aim to cater to their needs.
  • We enable our children to take their places in our multi-cultural society through mutual respect, tolerance and understanding.
  • We maintain fair and firm discipline.
  • We teach through the medium of English and base our values upon Christian principles.
  • We have a committed, loyal and dedicated staff.
  • We have the tireless support and encouragement of our School Governing Body and Parent Teacher members.
  • We keep our rates as affordable as possible.

We measure our successes by:

  • The involvement of each parent, child and staff member in a progressive partnership.
  • Expecting our pupils to strive for excellence.
  • Developing self-esteem and self-discipline.
  • Empowering our children to accept responsibility for their own health and safety.
  • Encouraging a compassion for others, a concern for their needs and respect for their dignity and possessions.
  • Fostering integrity, humility and loyalty in individuals.
  • Benchmarking against other schools to gauge standards within the school.