At the Foundation Phase we ‘live, love and grow together’!

We definitely LOVE children, especially little ones between the ages of 5 and 9 years old.

We love to encourage the children to ‘get READY’ to face the challenges that lie ahead at the Intermediate Phase.  Our values contain all the letters in ‘ready’.  The stands for respect; the for encouragement; the for academic excellence; the for determination and the for YOU are special.

We love to see these precious flowers opening and attaining their full beauty and potential – and we do realize that some blossom quicker than others do.

We love to see the learners becoming well-rounded, balanced little beings!  We have a full extra-mural timetable which caters for swimming, cricket (boys and girls), netball, tennisette, rugby, soccer, hockey, art, choir, percussion band, chess, drama and ballet.

At the Foundation Phase we have one Grade RR class, five Grade R classes, five Grade One classes, five Grade Two classes and five Grade Three classes.

Our teaching staff consists of twenty-one class teachers; two Music teachers; one full time Remedial teacher; one part-time counselor; one Computer teacher; one Librarian; two Xhosa teachers; three Physical Education coaches and two Art teachers.  We also have five learnerships that assist the class teachers.  We have three Admin staff members who handle the front of house, as well as the finances.  On the maintenance side of the school we employ five Red Alert cleaners, as well as a caretaker.  We also have a ‘Health Hatch’ which is run by two ladies.  The school offers Aftercare facilities for full time working parents.  This is watched over by three ladies.

We enter Academic Olympiads and various competitions to broaden the learner’s horizons and pit their capabilities against learners from other schools, nationally and internationally.  We also have learners who take part in the annual District Reading competition and Grade Three learners who take part in the annual District Spelling Bee competition.  They have acquitted themselves admirably and we shall continue to strive for excellence and work towards achieving our motto “Non Vobis” which means ‘not for ourselves’.

Subjects taught

In the Foundation Phase we follow the CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements) curriculum

The following subjects are taught in Grades One to Three:

  • English (Home Language)
  • Afrikaans (First Additional Language)
  • IsiXhosa (Indigenous Additional Language)
  • Mathematics
  • Life Skills

Life Skills is divided into the following:

  • Beginning Knowledge and Personal and Social Well-being
  • Creative Arts (Visual Arts and Performing Arts)
  • Physical Education

A library class

We enter Academic Olympiads and various competitions to broaden the learners horizons and pit their capabilities against learners from other schools, nationally and internationally.   They have acquitted themselves admirably and we shall continue to strive for excellence and work towards achieving our motto which means ‘not for ourselves’.

Grade R

Start of the academic year 2016

Welcome to our wonderful world of learning and laughter!  Grade R provides a key foundational year where the gap between home and formal schooling is bridged.  The Grade R curriculum provides children the opportunity to learn through play, in non-threatening and non-judgmental surroundings that are fun, hands on and life-based.  It is a year where children are given a chance to fine tune school readiness skills and grow holistically, in an environment that meets their cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs – better preparing them for the demands of Grade One.

Our daily programme is jam-packed with learning opportunities and experiences that cater for all learning styles.  Our Grade R classes are headed up by Mrs de la Cornillere-Schutte.  We have six busy classes where Mrs Esterhyse, Mrs Styles, Mrs Kent, Mrs Pretorius, Mrs Raw and Mrs de la Cornillere-Schutte are kept on their toes and out of mischief.  We are assisted by Mrs Young and Miss Israel and together make a dynamic team!

The year promises to be full, happy and eventful – with outings and adventures, life lessons learnt and special memories created.

Mrs de la Cornillere-Schutte

Grade One

Grade Ones finger painting

We are delighted to say that the Grade One children are settled into the school routine.  All the children look so smart and BIG in their uniform,  all eager to start big school.

Our Grade One team consists of Mrs Ferndale,  Mrs Schwarz,   Miss Venter,  Mrs Volker and Mrs Wilson – Grade Head.

We focus on many areas,  as this is the children’s first year of formal learning.  The children learn to read, write and do basic mathematical and problem solving skills.  We focus a lot on listening skills.

Our academic day is until 13h00 and the children are encouraged to participate in at least one extra-mural or club, every term.

We attend weekly library, computers, Phys Ed, swimming, singing, movement and music and art lessons.

The grade One children are also introduced to Xhosa and Afrikaans as a second additional language.

We also have exciting days through the year.  Some being an outing to Lindale farm,  Spring Hat parade,  Easter fun, civvies days, and much much more.

We look forward to a wonderful and successful year as we all work together and give of our best.

Grade Head

Mrs Wilson

Grade Two

Grade 2 Red Hot Civvies Day

We are pleased to have had a good and smooth start with our wonderful group of Grade Two’s. This year we have welcomed Mrs Gericke to join our team of Mrs Barnard, Mrs Delaney, Mrs Nel and Mrs van Schalkwyk and we are excited to be working with these eager learners. Our learnership student, Miss Redgard, is ably assisting us in the classroom as well as with our copying needs!

In Term One we focus on revising and consolidating the many concepts taught in the previous Grade One year. There is a strong focus on basic mathematical and literacy concepts, as well as slowly increasing the level of Afrikaans and isiXhosa (First Additional Language). We attend weekly Library, Computer, Physical Education, Swimming, Music and Movement, Singing and Art lessons. Every class is given the same homework and we appreciate the assistance of our enthusiastic and supportive parents in helping their children.

There are many cultural and sporting opportunities available to our learners and we encourage them to participate in at least one extramural activity each term. This ensures there is a balance between academic learning and other vital skills and values.

Mrs Van Schalkwyk

Grade Head

Grade Three

The Grade Three learners walk around with confidence, conducting themselves as senior learners of the Foundation Phase campus whom the Grade Ones can look up to.

There is a strong focus on basic Mathematical and Literacy concepts as we prepare the learners for the new demands of the Intermediate Phase campus.

Toward the end of the year the Grade Three learners go on an outing to Jonginenge.  This is an educational excursion that the learners always enjoy.  They also have a Market Day, where learners sell products to the other learners and staff.  This helps them to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

The Grade Three learners have a dedicated, enthusiastic and caring team of teachers, headed up by Mrs Novukela.  The other four teachers are Mrs Cloete, Mrs Sanderson, Mrs Tarboton and Mrs Thompson.

The year promises to be a very busy and exciting year.

Mrs Novukela

The children of the Foundation Phase watch a travelling puppet show